Posted by: 24thMS | August 17, 2009

Camp Activities – August 2009

Camp Activities Update – August 2009

The lazy days of summer are still in full force here in Mississippi and camp matters sometimes slow down or take a backseat to issues like vacations, work, kid’s sports and illness (of which we have had our unfortunate share). But although it’s 95 in the shade and you break out in a running sweat just walking to your car, the camp is busy making plans for cooler times.

Cemetery Project

The Unity Cemetery project is progressing. The graves research is just about finished (as it ever can be) and we have identified a total of 42 Confederate veterans lying under the sod – quite a change from the three that listed on the historical marker out front. Eliza Shizak – genealogist, UDC member and wife of one of our members – has accomplished much of the work in this department and entitled to all the praise we can give her. Our next step is to fill out a Veterans Administration forms for all these fellows and get them a marker of some sort denoting their service. Once those are received we should begin putting them in sometime this fall. Other plans for our Unity ‘makeover’ involve a flag pole and a nice wooden sign with a graveyard map on it. More to come….

School Supplies

We are collecting various school supplies for the local elementary school here and will donate them in the camp’s name. The camp commander has been doing this for several years on his own and decided to let the camp get the credit this year. We have a box about half full and will take it down as soon as we get some more items.


One of our members is a retired history professor and is writing a book about the Battle of Okolona, MS, which is just about done. He is currently looking around for some illustration material, and from the preview we have seen it looks to be a good read.

Events Coming Up

Caledonia Days – First weekend of October

Caledonia Christmas Parade – First weekend of December


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