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Camp 2140’s CSA noble forefathers

Camp Members please submit your Confederate ancestor’s stories to be added here . No limits ! Photos welcome !

Pvt Garrett Gowan : 15th Mississippi Infantry Reg.

Early in the year of 1861 my great grandfather , Garrett Gowan , a resident of what was then known as Bluff Springs , Mississippi heard the call to duty from his homeland , the State of Mississippi .

Upon the decision to secede from the Union of the United States, by the State Legislature of Mississippi ,and upon the official formation of the new Southern nation , The Confederate States of America, Garrett Gowan answered the call of his country ,by volunteering to be a member of the Long Creek Rifles . It wasn’t long before the Attala County soldiers , including the Long Creek Rifles , were marching towards Corinth Mississippi to be enrolled in the regular Confederate States Army . Garrett Gowan among them , the Long Creek Rifles became Company A of the 15th Mississippi Infantry Regiment .
Garrett served many a long and hard campaign, and many a desperate fight , among them the Battles of Mill Springs and Shiloh ,and both of the confrontations at Corinth . He watched as the ironclad ram CSS Arkansas plied down the Yazoo River to wreak havoc on the Yankee fleet standing off Vicksburg. He helped besiege Baton Rouge, briefly helped garrison both Port Hudson and Jackson MS, and fought at Champion Hill and the Big Black River Bridge . Finally he was captured and later paroled at Vicksburg. Whereupon I think he just went home. However his younger brother, my great Uncle Isaac, enlisted to take his older brother’s place , and became a member of the 5th Mississippi Cavalry , riding under Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest until the end of the war .
Both of these men did not wait to be conscripted, both volunteered to serve and fight for their country ,when the call went out. I imagine they had their gripes and probably wished more than anything that they could just go home , maybe every day!
But they fought and they served and they did their duty . What’s more they put their lives on the line in respect for what their country, the Confederate States of America, stood for . They did not question it , although they may have criticized it a little . They honored it greatly.

the Gowan boys  - circa 1861

the Gowan brothers of Bluff Springs circa 1861 ( modern day McAdams – Attala Co , MS)

great granpa and grandma Gowan -circa 1870's



  1. Nobody else ?
    Come on gentlemen !
    This is your duty to fulfill here ….

  2. Hi,
    My name is Jeff Giambrone, and I am an historian from Clinton, Mississippi. I am currently working on a book for Arcadia Press about Mississippi Confederate soldiers, and I was wondering if I could get a copy of the photo of the Gowan brothers for use in my book. You can contact me directly at

    Thanks very much,
    Jeff Giambrone

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